A little off the beaten path, this Bon Jovi fan fiction features a lesser known Bongiovi - Tony. As always, no disrespect is intended to anyone affiliated with Bon Jovi or any of their family members. All content in this blog is a work of complete fiction.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

So What's Next?

Well, quite honestly, I have no plans for a new project at this moment.  I have another story that needs finishing and then we will see what kind of muse rears its head.  But I HAVE duly noted that many of you are interested in the Richie/Denny story.  Others don't seem to care about the female lead as long as Richie is involved.  I have also duly noted that you don't want this to be the last of Tony & Lilah.  If there's anything else you would like to suggest, you know where the comment box, my inbox and my Twitter account are.  :o)

To those of you who said it doesn't matter WHO I write,because you'll still read it: that's greatest compliment you could ever pay me, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'll let you know when something new comes along.  Until then, if you aren't already reading it, please feel free to check out After the Rain.

Suckerpoodles to everyone!